China and India are the top leading countries that are losing gender balance due to sex selective abortion. A wish to have a baby boy in the presence of ultrasounds for baby sex recognition is leading to an increasingly serious gender imbalance in many countries across the world. Needless to say that it may bring series of other social concerns in the future.

“Canadian Medical Association Journal” in its recent studies has revealed that the male to female ratio in the major cities of China and India is likely to exceed the alarming figures by 10%-20% in the next 20 years (normally male to female sex ratio at birth is 105:100).

Studies have revealed that due to sonogram technology in 1922 the sex ratio at birth grew to 130:100 in some Chinese provinces. At the same time in India there was high 125:100 gender disparity in Northern regions mainly Gujarat, Punjab and Delhi. UNICEF believes that in the coming years about 50 million women and girls have disappeared across India.

Experts of National Family Health Survey of India say that on an estimate every year 300,000 girls go “missing” in India. Other surveys have analyzed these numbers between 150,000 and 500,000. 2001 Census states that there are only 927 girls left per 1,000 boys which is a sharp decline from 1961. In 1961 this number was 976. In certain parts of the country there are now fewer than 800 girls for every 1,000 boys. This is creating a major imbalance for the future.

Bias against females in India is caused due to the fact that sons are considered to be the breadwinners and it is believed that they will support the family once they are older. On the other hand it is believed that Girls have to be married off by paying large sums of money in the form of dowry, along with wedding expenses and jewelry regularly run to thousands of rupees. Many Indian families borrow huge amount to pay for the rituals prescribed for a girl. We may say richer the family greater the expenses. Much of the discrimination is to do with cultural beliefs,social norms and pressure to conform can be intense in some areas.

The only way to overcome this evil act is by ‘attitudinal shift’. Educating women and making them aware is the best tool that can break this inter-generational cycle of torture, abuse, poverty and selective abortion. It is necessary to summon the families that practice female foeticide and infanticide before the court. It is very important to make strict punishable laws against the technicians and doctors who support the guilty in this punishable crime.

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