Women have contributed hugely for the growth of many economies in the world. Therefore it is important to safeguard the interest of women so that they can be able to realize their potential in the social-economic and religious outputs for the utmost growth and development of any economy. But in some economies the roles of women and the girl child have been neglected as women are viewed as inferior to men.

First of all we must save the girl child by advocating for gender balance and equal opportunities for both boys and girls. For this, women education in India is absolutely necessary. For example in the Far East countries like India, the over adoration of boys over girls has led to some women to conduct fetal scans to determine the gender of the unborn babies and some have resulted to abortions if the unborn is a girl. This dangerous trend has resulted to more boys being born in some states and leading to a situation where the girl child population is decreasing significantly as compared to that of boys.

To save the girl child we have to acknowledge that a child is a gift from the creator whether a boy or a girl and hence need to be given the same chances of survival. Although there are many organizations from the government or the private sector who are advocating for the girl child rights, the overall responsibility narrows to everyone to accept that the girl child is equally important as the boy child.

We need to realize that to save the girl child from the many tribulations they face from society is not a special request but a mandatory directive that should be adhered to. The society needs to develop policies that give equal rights to all regardless of gender and enact laws that govern the right of women and the girl child which should be adhered to by everyone irrespective of culture, social status, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Research from organizations that advocate for the rights of girls show that in actual reality what a boy can do a girl child can do better. In order to save the girl child we need to deviate from traditional beliefs that women and young girls are meant for the kitchen and to care for their male counterparts and embrace the spirit of equality in all aspects.

Let us save the girl child by giving them all the support they need for a better world to live in because without the girl child there is no women and without women there is no human survival since no one knows how to love and care better than women.

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