Women have a very versatile and important role in people’s life. For some they maybe a mother, for some they maybe a wife, for some they maybe a sister, for some they maybe a teacher and the list goes on and on. People know that their life would go out of track without women, but they tend to forget that very often. Even when the world says women and men are equal, there still exists discrimination between them. It’s not like the role of women in society is much less than that of men. In truth, a woman plays a great role to shape the society because as a mother she is the one who will teach values and perceptions to her child, as a wife she supports her husband and as a teacher she teaches people about the true ways of life. Then why does there still exist so much discrimination between men and women and why is women empowerment in India not taken as a top priority issue?

The first issue that has to be covered regarding women is their separation from education. The cities of India has been forward in providing education to woman. But, there are still places in India where women and girls are prevented from getting proper education. The reason behind this is that people tend to think women as someone who is to be sent away in marriage. They think that there is no use to educate them and rather they should be trained to cook food and do other household chores.

The second issue that is prominent in India is a matter of dowry. Dowry are things and money that offered to husband’s family from the bride’s family. This is one of the most negative point of a society. The husband’s side puts a lot of pressure in the bride’s family regarding money and things. There are also many cases where bride was killed or tortured because her family gave less amount of dowry.

The third issue that affects thousands of women in India is sexual harassment. Women face sexual harassment in workplace, streets, bus, home and in many other places. This is one of the black truths regarding situation of women in India. The recent Delhi rape case was one of the evidence about how unsafe women are even in a public place.

These are few of the issues that are related to women in India. Everyone should work together to combat these issues and make India a place where both men and women are treated equally.

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