In today’s contemporary world women have all the rights to be able to get same powers as men do have i.e. there should be gender equality. Thanks to the technology that has bought a big change in empowering women by declining the discrimination that is being happening with the women from distant past. But even today, a few women are still facing several obstacles in the way to brightening their life, due to the gender discrimination of the culture that is being followed now and then very often. This sort of behaviour is most commonly seen in developing countries and India is no where exception to it.

Nonetheless, the women in India are now wishing to get a life where they would get equal rights and opportunities as men get in this society. This is possible if the country, India help women in getting empowerment in various sectors. A few of these sectors include – education, service, medicine, engineering, politics and everywhere. Women should receive value from their colleagues, relatives and even from their households. However, they have right to fight for their equality if they have been abused physically or emotionally by any of their family members or somebody from the society. But, in most places that are not fully developed, under development and rural areas, there are women who are literally being abused. No matter, how the people living there have customs or religious beliefs against the women, it is a time to realise the fact that women is no where less than men.

Today, women who have been owned and organized their venture, who are in the politics and women who are in the superlative and excellent positions are live examples to prove their strength. Fighting for women right is every human right. With the increase in the number of social crimes, women’s suffrage there is a greater demand for country to provided strong protection of women from domestic violence. Although, the word “domestic violence” is heard very rare in developed countries, this should be a sign For India that shows how imperative it is to provide social rights without gender inequality.

This upsetting issue i.e. the negative sexual attention faced by Indian women is an embarrassing situation that they often receive. This is what making the country notorious and bring called as a place that is probably unsafe for women. There are several social abusing activities that these women facing, a few of them are bullying, harassing, discrimination, gender difference and female foeticide or infanticide (where baby girls have been killed ignorantly). So, all this clearly states that India needs to avoid obsolete laws and words, and need to present and implement schemes that work for the welfare of the women. Several programs by government or voluntary services need to be encourage that fight for the protection of women from domestic violence, letting women to have capability to raise their voice, participate, equally share rights in the society and expressing their views, no matter they like or dislike it. Therefore women should be given all the rights they are worth to; after all they are the most imperative in every field.

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