In India, this concept of celebrating mothers day is very new. And it’s remarkable that in a time span of less that a decade, mothers day in India has been a great success. India is known for its numerous festivals, so for a foreign festival like a date specifically secluded for mothers to be felt, that must be a real stride in development.

Thanks to globalization, one of the main factors that have contributed to this foreign festival finding its way in India. Lots of Indians have their relatives in the US (where the idea came from). Besides that, the web has made information about cultures across the world readily available. Again, the main reason for the success of mothers’ day festivals in India is attributed to the emotions attached to the festival. Mothers will always be loved, everywhere and that includes India. I would say that the people of India, perhaps, have longed for such a day when their mothers would be appreciated openly, so this day gives them an opportunity to celebrate their mothers. This has all been possible because of the women empowerment in India.

Just like in the western countries, Indians also take this as a perfect opportunity to reflect on the importance of having mothers in their lives. They take time to reflect about all the pains their mothers underwent while they were little children, the sacrifices and the hardship experience their mothers faced in bringing them up. So this day is the ultimate day to say ”thank you” for being a good mother, and also for being the constant guiding force in their lives.

They present gifts to their moms such as cards, or even make a meal for them so that they can rest from going to the kitchen. The whole idea of this day is to say thank you, while making them appreciate the fact that they have children that care for what they did.

During a mothers’ day celebration, awareness is often greatest in the Metropolitan areas and big cities. The booming card market constantly reminds them of this special day and how it must be celebrated. For instance, in the city of Delhi, mothers’ day has even been commercialized to some extent. Companies try to come up with women oriented products during this day and restaurants too attract people with advertisements that seem to be geared towards women. And as this special day approaches, the media is not left behind, it creates a hype about this day, raising awareness even further.

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