Emmaline Pankhurst once said that freeing a woman is freeing a half of the human race because they represent a half of the population. On the other hand Nellie McClung advised the society never to underestimate the power of a woman. Education a woman can be likened to educating the whole family because of the role they play in families.

Women education in India plays a key role in the social and economic development of the country. Educating a woman uplifts her life as well as the quality of her life and her entire family. It is a fact that any educated woman will definitely support the education of her children especially a girl child and provide a better guidance to her children. An educated woman will easily imbibe an independent and progressive outlook in her children. More importantly, an educated woman in a society like India will assist in reducing the infant mortality rate and control the blossoming of the population. Education for women plays an important role in women empowerment.

Because of the negative perception of women in India, this article examines reasons behind the neglecting of women education, importance of women education, importance of women education in India and what the Indian government is doing to reverse the situation.

Why women are not educated in India

In Asia, India has the lowest rates of female literacy. This is attributed to the fact the country has a biased outlook towards the education of women. The Indian society feels that a woman is a liability who will one time get married and will not contribute the economic and social development of the family. The society perceives a woman as somebody who cannot do other duties apart from her traditional duties of cooking and house keeping. As a result, the society considers home training more important as compared to formal education.

Another contributing factor is the rapid growth of the population. Most Indian households have a number of children whose needs are much higher than their earning capacity. This leads to the neglect of the girl education and put more emphasis on the education of the boy child. In this instance, marriage is taken more seriously as opposed to education hence a number of Indian girls are married at a younger age. This becomes as an impediment in the education of the Indian woman.

Importance of women education in India

Educating an Indian woman creates a vital opportunity for the social and economic development of India. An educated Indian woman will yield a positive impact in the Indian society by contributing positively to the economy of both the country and the society.

An educated woman reduces the chances of her child dying before the age of five. The chances of controlling the population are high as an educated woman is likely to marry at a later age as opposed to uneducated woman.

The role of the government to avert the problem

The government has made it mandatory for an Indian child between the ages of six to fourteen years to attend school. In addition, the government has availed free food especially lunch across the country.

Overall; educating a woman leads to the progression and development of the family in most instances.

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