Being a poor nation, India has come a long way in improving the socioeconomic and heath concerns for women since independence, there is a lot more that still needs to be done towards their well-being and security. The male dominated society of India hampered the proper development of the females in the country. It is a miserable situation that is coming under increased notice of the governmental bodies. It will probably take several decades before the health of women is given adequate attention.

Poor living conditions, scarce sanitary living condition, and malnutrition have placed the weaker gender on the backseat. Even before birth, a female baby is at the disadvantaged end. Most of the villagers and poor section of society want only males. Even though determining the sex of an unborn baby is illegal, the system is widely practiced in all parts of the country. Many ladies are forced to lose their female babies nurturing in the womb.

The ladies in India have to bear too many children. This takes a heavy toll on their overall health. AIDS, domestic violence, breast cancer, deprivation of proper maternal heath, and very low average family income does not encourage Indian ladies to enjoy robust fitness. Since girls are looked down upon, many of them do not receive education and are compelled to take care of younger siblings or carry out the domestic chores.

A country where men hold more power, the female mortality rate, adolescent rate of fertility, gender inequality, and forced labor participation rate have played pivotal role in hindering women from marching ahead. Social, political, and economic factors work as deterrent towards total women emancipation. Only a very minor percentage of females get the chance to study, work, and make their own decisions. The health and future of the rest of them seems to be doomed. The discrimination against girls leads to sons being better fed than daughters, especially if there are other daughters already in the household. The stigma that girls carry affects their health too. Additionally, the country has a strained healthcare system, at least where ladies are concerned.

The health status of women in India remains extremely bleak. The government is taking all necessary steps to perk up their lot in the form of compulsory education for girl child, regular and free medical check-ups and medical aid for pregnant women and many such schemes. Yet, plenty needs to be done in this direction before the country can rub shoulders with Western treatment doled out to its women.

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