In some societies women are considered of low value and more of a liability than an asset to the family. This condition of cultural biasness has led to many cases of female infanticide where female infants are either aborted or killed in their early childhood ages. Some of the methods used to case such deaths include: starvation, strangling the infant to death, dumping or even poisoning. These crude methods are common in the rural areas while abortion is common in the urban areas. Different governments and independent organizations have tried their best in providing education and some incentives but some people have remained persistent with this habit.

India is one of the countries with the highest rates of infanticide due to their biased society against women. In this country, the girls are believed to be a burden while boys are treasured and considered as a source of wealth. This follows the fact that during marriage, the parents of the girls have to pay expensive diary. The cases of infant deaths especially for girls have always been high and this has led to gender imbalance. For instance in the 1991 the ratio of boys to girls in India was 1000:921 as compared to the year 1900 where the ratio was 1000:972.

Most Indians believe that their sons are the ones to secure their future social status. This is evident from the fact that they let their sons inherit their businesses at a very tender age. The girls are often neglected and left to rot in their homes. Parents believe that their sons are a future investment and a future insurance. For the mothers who are unable to get sons, they are subjected to insults and abuse. Some are even cast off their homes and replaced with other ‘productive’ women.

With the increased technology and level of education, the situation doesn’t seem to get better since modern methods of abortion have been adopted. Ultra sound technology is used to detect the sex of the infant before child labour and corrective action taken in advance. The girls are immediately aborted in order to avoid future ‘burden’. There has been an increased need to educate the society on the importance of the girl child in the society and the negative impact of gender imbalance. Parents should make a point of attending family counselling in order to stop this inhuman act. These important steps are some of the best ways that will reduce the cases of female infanticide in India.

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