India has a long history of considering women as housewives and men as working individuals of family who take care of financial needs. Generally, the status of women was not on equal terms with men in the past century in India. However, there is a wave of positive change in the status of women in India today. Let us try to understand more about this changing status of women in India.

Work and Equality of Rights

There is an ever-increasing need today for the women workforce in every industry. Women today are considered consistent workers who deliver results more efficiently than men. Women are also paid equally for equal work. There is a positive change in society which is focusing on women empowerment and giving them freedom of expression and freedom of exercising their fundamental constitutional rights. Women today acquire managerial positions in fortune 500 companies in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. The changing status of women in India is more apparent in these cities.

There is an increasing trend in women entrepreneurs who are breaking stereotypes and paving a new path for women of the future. The future of women in India is very bright. Academically, women are performing better than men. The competitive spirit in women in most parts of India today is very high.

Academics and Sports

There is a high increase in the number of women graduating from colleges today. The women of India today are competing in sports at international events. This is a giant leap in the enhancement of the status of women in India. In the past, there were very few women athletes that represented India at Olympics. However, in the present decade, women are represented in India in an increasing number of sports. This represents the changing status of women in India.

India has taken a lot of measures to improve health, education, and safety of women and children. Women are encouraged today to enter all walks of life and compete on equal terms with men. This has resulted in rural families encouraging their girl child to get educated and become responsible and intelligent citizens of tomorrow. Over the past 2 decades, India has gone through a lot of positive changes which have consequently resulted in improvement of women’s status in this country.

Today’s Indian women are a symbol of strength and pride to the nation. They are living examples of how change in thought process can result in a peaceful and healthy society. A lot more needs to be done to improve the changing status of women in India. With the current efforts of women empowerment organizations and government, the future of Indian women looks bright.

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