The website WomenEmpowermentInIndia.com has been created with the purpose to spread awareness, about empowerment of women, among people. This is a place where you can discuss, share your views and promote and demonstrate ideas on the subject.

The main purpose is to bring together people with similar outlook so that a revolution can be sparked and a change can be initiated. The society needs superheros to stand against the social evil. However the superheros exist only in the books. In reality, its the common man who can bring the change by standing up for the women and their rights.

There is a quote “Charity begins at Home”. So we should start respecting and shower love to the women around us. A homemaker works 365 days a year throughout her lifetime. An initiative can be taken by giving a day’s off. A maid comes to home daily to wash utensils, clean the floor and no body gives a second look to her or asks her how is she doing? Helping her overcoming her problems is a small thing but it is a change and no matter how small the spark of change is, continuous efforts can make it a wildfire.

This website welcomes the ideas and stories that define a change. Welcome to the REVOLUTION.

The data represented on the website is collected from the Internet and the views shared are personal. There is no intent to harm any ones feeling or making mockery of any community or people. The website does not guarantee about the legibility of the information.  In no event shall the website be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content available on the website or any resource of it.

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